How to Get a Georgia Master Plumber License

  1. Meet the experience and referral requirements:
    1. Minimum of 5 years' experience in plumbing work*
    2. Have at least 3 licensed plumbers attest to good character and experience
  2. Submit completed application & fee
  3. Submit a completed examination scheduling form & fee
  4. Study for and pass the applicable exam

*Class I applicants must have at least 2 years primary experience
*Class II applicants’ experience must be in commercial or industrial plumbing

Plumbing Exam Preps

Georgia Master Plumber Exam Prep

Product Image Master Plumber Exam Prep

Master Plumber Exam Prep | Georgia

15 Hour Video Course – Exam Prep with Practice Tests
This training program has been designed to guide students who are preparing to take a plumbing exam based on the International Plumbing Code (IPC) and International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC).  This course will also include any state specific rules and regulations outlined in the exam administrator’s candidate bulletin.

Product Image Georgia Master Plumber Book Package

Georgia Master Plumber Course and Book Exam Prep Package

This package contains:

  • Georgia Master Exam Prep Program
  • International Fuel & Gas Exam Prep Course
  • Comprehensive Code Review
  • Basic & Advanced Plumbing Math
  • Isometric Theory & Plan Review
  • Georgia Exam Bulletin Breakdown
  • Book: 2018 International Plumbing Code & tabs
  • Book: 2018 International Fuel Gas Code & tabs
  • Book: 29 CFR Part 1926 – Code of Federal Regulations & tabs
  • Book: 2018 Georgia Amendments based on the 2018 IPC – Preprinted & Bound
  • And Much More

Exam Prep by Topic

Product Image Estimating and Bidding

Plumbing Estimating and Bidding Work Sheets

Downloadable Spreadsheets
This downloadable package includes a pricing template and worksheet that will help you properly bid work, increase margins, grow your business, and precisely account for labor and material costs so you can provide accurate estimates.

Product Image Plumbing Isometrics

Master Plumber Isometrics | Individual Prep Course

3 Hour Video Course
This course provides plumbers with plans and drawings that require more advanced skills for laying out complicated isometric drawings and is applicable to any plumbing code.

Pricing Plumbing for Profit | Individual Prep Course

2 Hour Video Course
Learn how to accurately account for all your expenses and apply those costs to an estimate in this step-by-step tutorial. A downloadable worksheet and template is also included.

Product Image Plan Reading

Plan Reading | Individual Prep Course

1 Hour Video Course
This course outlines the general layout of both residential and commercial plans, detailing schedules, legends, symbols and engineering instructions.

Product Image Building On Budget by Design

Plumbing Math | Individual Prep Course

1 Hour Video Course 
This course will walk you through the basics of plumbing math.  Included are practice equations and formulas that you can work independently.

Product Image Plumbing Fitting Copper Piping

Plumbing Fitting Copper Piping | Individual Prep Course

1 Hour Video Course 
This course will walk you through the process of measuring, fitting, and soldering copper piping.

Product Image Plumbing Vents

Plumbing Vents | Individual Prep Course

1 Hour Video Course
This course outlines code related requirements that govern the materials, design, construction and installation of vent systems and the most important aspects of the plumbing code.

Product Image Isometrics Basics

Plumbing Isometric Basics | Individual Prep Course

.5 Hour Video Course
This course will walk you through the process of laying out an isometric drawing, and includes printable practice drawings.


"I am a Journeyman Plumber in Georgia. I have wanted to get my master license for a while, but having three kids it’s been difficult with time. I found this course online and my employer backed me on taking it. I highly recommend this course."

- Aaron Hill, CO

Book Store

Book Image Georgia State Amendments to the International Building Code 2018 Edition

Georgia 2018 Amendments based on the 2018 IPC

Georgia State Amendments to the International Plumbing Code (2018 Edition)

Book Image 2018 Fuel Gas

International Fuel Gas Code 2018

Addresses the design and installation of fuel gas systems and gas-fired appliances through requirements that emphasize performance.

Book Image Tabs

International Fuel Gas Code 2018 - TABS

Approved tabs for the 2018 International Fuel Gas Code.

Book Image 2018 IRC

International Residential Code 2018

This comprehensive code combines building, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, energy, and electrical provisions into a single resource.

Book Image Tabs

International Residential Code 2018 - TABS

Approved tabs for the 2018 International Residential Code.