2018 Plumbing Code Update

3 Hour Video Course 
Approval #20-908206

This course will review the Skilled Trades Regulation Act PA 407, reference the current codes that are important to note, review changes that occured at the last update, and review amendments to the most recent code.  View Details


Instructor:  Randy Drake

Plumbing licensees must complete three hours of an approved code update course within one year of the adoption of a new edition of the plumbing code. This course will review the most recent Skilled Trades Regulation Act PA 407, changes to the Michigan Plumbing Code, and the current plumbing requirements from the IRC. This course will:

1. Reference current codes that have not changed but are important to note
2. Comment on and review changes that occurred at the last update.
3. Review the amendments that have been made to the most recent code.

This Course Covers:

  • 2018 Michigan Plumbing Code Part 7 Updates
  • Skilled Trades Regulation Act PA 407
  • 2015 IRC Plumbing Review